Degree holder in Biotech Engineering (IIUM) but end up staying at home doing online business and taking care of my two children. After I graduated in 2007, I never searched for any jobs. Since I love sewing, I started a small business, taking orders for embroidered voile square scarves for two years. In 2008, after being exposed with make up tutorials on you tube, I then became obsessed with make up. I started collecting make up stuffs and learning the techniques to become a make up artist. I've been doing MUA service for 4 years until I decided to stop, because I easily get bored doing one particular job. I love to learn new things, and so I planned for a bigger business venture. By the end of 2012, Purdy Petals was established and Alhamdulillah the business grown well until now. Due to my bigger commitment with my new business, I had completely stopped doing make up on people but I still have the passion in Beauty. I am into anything Artistic . yeah thats in my blood !